Harrison County Leaders Get All Dolled Up In A Womanless Beauty Pageant

Contestants in the womanless pageant were putting it all on the line for the coveted Grand Supreme Queen crown, all in effort to raise money for the American Heart Association.

But, before the queen could be crowned, the beauties found out how they did in the other pageant categories.

Sexiest Legs and Overall Best Dressed, was Ms. Windy Condition, also known as Rupert Lacey, the Deputy Director of Harrison County Emergency Management.

Ms. Congeniality and Lovely Lips went to Stella Bonquisha, Harrison County Supervisor William Martin.

Some of the contestants had a hard time holding back all the emotions and excitement of the moment.

"I just want to thank everybody. Everybody loves somebody and everybody needs to love me," said Martin.

When it was all said and done only one walked away with the crown.

Heidi Idaho, also known as Mike Wilson, head of Harrison County's department of Outside Buildings and Grounds.

Wilson raised more than 1700 dollars.

But, after the pageant, there was a little commotion over who should have taken the crown.

"I think I should have won.  I think I would be the best man or woman," said Martin.

"Ma'am that could be true.  But, this is for the American Heart Association, and jealously from an ugly woman is always an ugly thing itself," said Wilson.

Amid all the playful jabs, in the end, the contestants realized they were coming together for a good cause.

All together, the pageant contestants helped the American Heart Association raise more than 10-thousand dollars.

The American Heart Walk is Saturday, October 13 at Jones Park in Gulfport.