Volunteers Spruce Up Pass Christian Park

Some volunteers were on the front lines at War Memorial Park in Pass Christian Saturday.

Their mission: to spruce up the area.

State Senator Deborah Dawkins was one of the volunteers.

"I was telling Mary Jane that I'm sorry she has to be by me. I'm usually in my yard weeding alone, which means that sometimes I cuss. So I had to give them forewarning. Sometimes you get stuck on a bad weed or something, and a cuss word just brings it up," Dawkins said.

Dawkins was joined by other volunteers with Friends of the Pass Christian parks. Some were armed with shovels, others with hoes, but their mission was the same, to spruce up the park.

"It's a new organization we started since Hurricane Katrina to help the city maintain its green spaces because they're pulled in so many different directions that we just wanted to help out," said Renee Brooks, who headed the project.

"We're  said weeding, transplanting some plants. Kaboom put in a beautiful butterfly garden. We're adding some plants to that. The Taylors have donated some wonderful plants to us, and we're pulling out some evasive species, sand dollar, things we just don't need to have in the park and we need to get rid of right away," Brooks said.

Anyone can join the group. All you needs is a strong back and tolerance for the sun.

If you'd like to join, just call 228-452-9152.