Congressman Gene Taylor Talks With WLOX One Week After Multi-Perils Bill Passes House

Congressman Gene Taylor says one way to get support for his insurance bill is to get someone on the road to the White House on his side.

"If one of the front-runners comes out for this in an effort to get votes in Florida or any other coastal state, my hunch is all of the other candidates will do it," said Congressman Taylor.

Taylor says support from a Senator on the campaign trail could build momentum for the bill's passage. President Bush has threatened a veto.  According to Taylor, the veto wouldn't help the GOP's chances of holding on to the white house.

"If he vetos it, whoever the Republican candidate is can pretty well kiss coastal America goodbye," said Congressman Taylor.

But, coastal Americans aren't the only ones who could be helped by this bill.  Adding wind coverage to the federal flood insurance program would also help people in the midwest in the event of a tornado or flood.

As for how damaging a veto would be for President Bush, Taylor stopped short of saying what it could do to the president's credibility on the coast.

"When he was in Bay St. Louis with Governor Barbour, Senator Lott, myself, Mayor Farve, Mayor Longo, Supervisor Pullman, and Tish Williams of the chamber, the president said what's the most important thing, and everyone of us said all perils insurance, so he had to get the message," said Taylor.

It's a message, Taylor hopes everyone in Washington hears.