Car Auction Attracts Buyers, Sellers And Lookers

"I'm telling you right here, look at this car right here," said auctioneer Dan Kruse, as his booming voice echoed through the big tent across from Treasure Bay.

Kruse's rapid fire auction delivery kept car buyers and sellers alert.

This place is a slice of heaven for car lovers.

"Two door coupe, with a V-8 engine," said the auctioneer, as a classic mustang rolled in front of the selling platform.

Some 300 classic rides will change owners during the two day auction.

"It's a car you can get in and drive anywhere. It's an enjoyment to drive," said David Perry of Mayberry Classics, from Tennessee.

His '37 Ford Roadster is on the selling block. The price could induce sticker shock for some: up to $150,000.

Perry admits that's plenty of money. "Yeah, it's more than my first house was."

"We bought two cars last year, said Wayne Leone, as he and wife Vanessa checked out the classics.

Though not in the market for one, the couple could afford the Roadster. They admit nostalgia is the real motivation. Like so many folks who look under the hoods and admire the impressive engines, it's about rekindling fond memories; or at least a reflection of days gone by.

"I had them as a child you know. Now, I want to relive my youth again, I guess," said a smiling Leone.

The annual auction can accommodate that desire. But desire is the easy part. Having available assets to feed that craving separates the lookers, from the buyers.

"We brought in 11 to put through this weekend. We'll buy a few, trade hands and enjoy it," said Dan Newcomb, who owns a classic car business in Clearwater, Florida.

Enjoying the classics is free along Highway 90, and only the cost of admission for lookers at the car auction. Admission is just $10.00 for anyone already registered for Cruisin the Coast. The cost of admission for the general public is $15.00.

The auction continues at 10:00AM Saturday.