Coast Jews Rally For Israel

Rabbi Jaymee Alpert read a prayer for peace as she rallied congregation Beth Israel in Biloxi. The rally included singing and reciting poems, and all the while people were thinking about the sad truth that now exists in the Middle East.

"What's happening now is that innocent people--hundreds and hundreds of innocent people are being killed and it's happening on a daily basis," Alpert said.

"We stand with Israel, we stand with the people and the state of Israel at this critical time," Lu Dorfman read from a poem.

In their voices was hope for peace, but also some anger and blame.

"This violence did not start with the Israelis, it started with the Palestinians," Dorfman said. "The Palestinian Authority is not taking steps to control it and if they're not, then their people are going to suffer and our people are going to suffer."

Most people at the rally said Israel will have to give something up to the Palestinians in exchange for peace. They're hopeful a compromise will be reached soon.

The Israeli National Anthem is called "Hatikva" which means "The Hope." Dina O'Sullivan says she has to hold on to hope. Her son lives in Israel with his family and with every bombing, she fears for their safety.

"I know there are Palestinian mothers there that have the same hope that I have for their children and they don't want to see their children blown up and they don't want to see their children die just like Israeli mothers don't," O'Sullivan said.

While this rally was a one day event, people who attended say peace is something they pray about just about every day.