Cruisin Party Brings New Friends Together

Entertainment and the joy of watching the classic cars roll by has made Cruisin the Coast an annual pilgrimage for many folks. At Biloxi's Cruisin Block Party, we met a group of friends who have turned their life-long love of classic cars into new lifetime friendships.

They come from Alabama and several parts of Louisiana. Strangers turned friends say Cruisin' the Coast brings them together in Mississippi.

Ernie Cassimus is from Baton Rouge.

"We met here about three years ago, been hanging together ever since. Car shows from here all the way to Nashville, Birmingham and Atlanta."

The friends, about 20 in all, say their love of classic cars is what drew them together. Now they keep up in contact through calls and emails.

"I think you form a bond," said Sabrina Anderson of Gonzalez, Louisiana. "You have something in common with each other and you form a bond that you remain friends for a long time."

Even though they go as a group to many car shows, they say Cruisin has a special place in their hearts.

"There's so many different kinds of cars here from typical antiques, to the street rods, to the latest conversion type vehicles," said Cassimus. "They have all types of different cars."