D'Iberville's First Police Chief Sworn In

Wayne Payne is now officially the Chief of Police of D'Iberville. Payne became D'Iberville's first chief of police ever when he was sworn in Tuesday.

Wayne Payne is adoringly called 'Grandpa' by his three little granddaughters, but he's widely known throughout the community for his life's work in law enforcement.

"It's really exciting, you know, to be the first, to take something from the ground and breathe air into it, and build it. I'm telling you, I'm just really excited," Chief Payne said.

He's been in law enforcement for 33 years and has served as the Chief of Police in Gulfport and Long Beach. Payne says he plans to use his experience to build up the city's first police department.

"As a young man, I worked as a patrol officer, of course, I've done just about everything. I worked for the water department, I worked in the fire department. You start out as a patrolman and you work your way through the ranks," Payne said.

The city also got its first police car, which Payne will use to carry out his duties. In the past, the Sheriff's Department has been responsible for patrolling the city.

"We're still going to contract with the Sheriff's Department for police support, and as time goes on, we'll work the city police in," Payne said.

For now, Payne is the only member of the D'Iberville Police Department and he has plenty of work to do.

" ...to coordinate between the city and the Sheriff's Department until we get the police department up and running. There's a lot of work that's got to be done, policy and procedures, and things like things like that that have to be put in place before the first police officer puts on his uniform," he said.

Before accepting the job as D'Iberville's Police Chief, Payne worked was major of operations at the Harrison County Sheriff's Department.