Keesler AFB Has New Leader

Keesler Air Force Base's 81st Training Wing has a new commander. At a ceremony on Tuesday, Colonel Gregory Touhill accepted the top job. Colonel Touhill talked about his vision and the roots he already has at Keesler.

Colonel Touhill's latest career move takes him back to the beginning.

"Twenty four years ago yesterday I entered the Air Force as a brand new second lieutenant here at Keesler Air Force Base," he said during a change of command ceremony.

The new commander of the 81st Training Wing says he got invaluable training while at Keesler that has continued to help him in the years since. He urged some of the Air Force's newest enlistees to make the most of their time here.

Col. Touhill said, "For you airmen out there listen to your instructors. You never know when they could pass on that golden nugget that could make your career or save somebody's life."

As Keesler enters a new leadership phase, Colonel Touhill says expect a style that is team oriented.

Col. Touhill said, "I'm not the guy who knows everything. I know we have a number of experts around this base with their different specialties. My job is to bring all that expertise together, focus it on a common task and lead the team to success."

The new commander wants the men and women of Keesler to know their leader will stand behind them.

"I want to take care of our people. People are our most precious resource," he said. "Second, I'd like to reintegrate into the community. There is still a lot of work to be done, not only here, but within the community as well. And we here at Keesler and we as airmen feel very much a part of this community and we want to continue to be part of the rebuild."

Colonel Gregory Touhill replaces Brig. General Paul Capasso as base commander. Capasso is heading for an assignment in Germany.