Biloxi Residents Get Heads-Up On Construction

Over the next few days the people who live on Greater Avenue will get postcards from the city about the work that is already on-going. The drainage and water repairs are a week ahead of when the notices went out. Still, neighbors say they appreciate the heads-up.

"I see heavy equipment and it's something you have to have to let people know they're going to be waking' up early, very early. It's a lot of noise," Mia Rost said. Her neighbor Jim Poolson says, "It's always good that they keep you informed."

The road work will impact ten streets around Greater Avenue and residents can expect some inconvenience. "It's short term, what they're doing. It doesn't take long for what they're doing, from what I see so far from around the corner. It's all working out good," Poolson said.

The postcards will explain the project, the contractor who's doing it and a contact name and phone number people can call if there's a problem. Biloxi spokesperson Vincent Creel says the postcards provide a line of communication between people and businesses and the city.

"Some problems do arise from time to time, whether it be a road closing right in front of their house or some debris in front of their house, they'll know who to call immediately right away," Creel said.

Creel says as the city devotes more time and money on major projects, the postcards will keep people updated on what to expect.

The city began sending out the notices three weeks ago to alert citizens about a project at Point Cadet.

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