Bands Join Forces To Benefit Women's Resource Center

Since shortly after Katrina, the Women's Resource Center has been housed in a former church on Cowan-Lorraine Road. The center was in downtown Biloxi, but the storm forced volunteers to move their mission to Gulfport.

Now, the nonprofit Christian group is trying to raise enough money to buy the building so they can continue providing help to people with unplanned pregnancies.

Two bands used their talents Sunday to help raise money for the center. Glass Box and Malachi shared shared center stage at a benefit concert at the West Harrison County Civic Center.

Carrie Tabor was one of the concert-goers. Not only is she the Executive Director of the Women's Resource Center, she knows what a lot of the women are going through.

"We want to be, really, a light, a beacon of hope for people who are facing unplanned pregnancy. It's such a scary time. I, myself, faced an unplanned pregnancy when I was 21, and I know that it was a very scary time. So because of that, that's why I do what I do, just to have somebody there who can walk through that time with them," Tabor said.

The pro-life organization provides a number of free health and medical services, as well as support programs. The center is hoping to raise $300,000 to purchase the building soon, but the group plans to continue its mission one day one person at a time.