11th Annual Cruisin' The Coast Kicks Off In Gulfport

Ample parking is what makes Choice Supermarket in Hardy Court Plaza a prime gathering place for the earliest of Cruisers.  But this year, the inaugural gathering for the 11th Annual Cruisin' The Coast almost ran out of room.

"We have cars parked across the street," says Site Director Mary Curry. "We have cars parked down the street."

Curry says she's never seen this many classic cars this early in the week long event.

"Probably an hour before the event started we were already turning people away," says Curry.

Dustin Stout of Pass Christian hopes his tricked out big rig helps Cruisin' exceed last years number of more than 45 hundred registered vehicles.

"It's pretty rare," says Stout. "There ain't too many like it. It's definitely a head turner."

After attending Cruisin' the Coast last year, Caroline Charles of Vancleave bought her own car and painstakingly customized it just for this years' show.

"If if unscrewed, unbolted, or snapped off, we took it off," Charles. "Glass, doors, inside, everything."

Ken Nelson of Pascagoula hopes to bury the competition with his coffin on wheels, modeled after the dragster featured in the 1960 sitcom, The Munsters.

"It was built to win Herman Munsters coach back, when he lost his car," says Nelson. "Grandpa had to build it to win the family car back."

But as cool as it might look, Nelson admits the ride is less than luxurious.

"If you were laying down in it with your arms crossed it probably would be a lot more comfortable," says Nelson.

But like most of these classic car lovers, comfort takes a back seat to beauty, and the thrill of showing off at Cruisin' The Coast.

Crusin The Coast take place all week.  WLOX will have continued coverage of the annual event