St. Theresa's Fall Bazaar Returns

St. Theresa's Fall Bazaar has been a long-standing community tradition one everyone agrees they're glad to see come back.

"I kept having people stop me on the street and ask me 'when is the bazaar coming back?' and it's a sign things are getting back to normal for the community," says Judy Lombard Barkum, Event Organizer.

The family roots of this parrish and what it represents to its many parishoners run deep.

"Yesterday, I was sitting with a group of people.  It was three generations.  It was the grandmother, the mother and the grandchild.  The experience of watching that and talking about when they were kids and playing the same games was a lot of fun," says Barkum.

There was plenty of fun to be had at this bazaar.  The Combat Academy was on hand to showcase some of their masterful martial arts moves.

"It's not that hard if you just practice a lot," says Sydnei Houston, Combat Academy.

As for the food, there was more than enough to go around as several people worked behind the scenes to keep stomach's satisfied. Everyone's favorite, Gran-gran's red beans and rice and gumbo were just a few of the featured menu items. While there was no shortage of food and fun, the most important part of this day was the time spent for this big community family.

"It's been a family gathering that drew other families here.  It's just that closeness," says John Roberts, St. Theresa parishoners.

The bond this community shares is one they say will keep the spirit of St. Theresa parrish flourishing for years to come.  St. Theresa's parrish will celebrate its 75th anniversary in December.