Moss Point Residents Help To Clean Their City

They spruced up flower beds, and filled up dumpsters. Many Moss Point residents were saying goodbye to Katrina trash and hello to a cleaner community.

"To be a world class city, or to be thought of in high terms, you you want a clean city," says Ward 6 Alderman George Martin.

But according to Parent Teacher Organization President Catherine Bogan, it's not an easy task.

"We want them to have something to look at besides dead flowers and dead weeds and Katrina flooding. We want to change that perspective," says Bogan.

One hibiscus at a time, the PTO members are accomplishing that task.

In other parts of the city, cleaning up meant cleaning out loads of hurricane debris and garbage.

Participants knew they'd fill up dumpsters of trash but they weren't anticipating was an onslaught of tires. The hundreds of tires residents brought in filled up a dumptruck and several trailers.

Organizers are encouraged that residents are getting involved,and they hope the cleanup motivates people to take care of Moss Point everyday.

"If you take pride in your community then other people will take pride in it, and we have just as much to offer here in Moss Point than anywhere else on the Coast," says Bogan.

Because when residents lend a hand, the city can look to the future, instead of looking like the past.

Cleanup crews weren't able to pick up all the tires or other hazardous materials some residents wanted to throw away.

Alderman George Martin says he hopes the city or county will sponsor a hazardous cleanup day in the future to help get rid of all the dangerous trash.

By Keli Rabon