Swamp Pop Music Festival Fundraiser For Gulf Coast Search And Rescue

Although Paul LaFontaine is not a member of the Gulf Coast Search and Rescue Team, he says he knows from personal experience the importance of having a skilled search and rescue team on the coast.

"I lost my brother in the late 70's, and all I had was my friends to help look for him".

Now years later, LaFontaine runs the Swamp Pop music festival to help Gulf Coast Search and Rescue.

"If you've ever had someone lost, whether it be on the water or in the woods, it makes you feel good that someone's going to help come look for your loved one," says LaFontaine.

Gulf Coast Search and Rescue will receive all the money raised from the festival.

"Last year, we were able to raise 10,000 dollars with this event," says Carlos Redmon, Gulf Coast Search and Rescue President.

With funds raised from last year's festival, the group bought a trailer which holds special tools they need to conduct search efforts.

The team says without this event, it would unable to buy much-needed equipment to help get missing people back home.

But, the festival is not only about the music, it's also about the cars. It features some classic cruising beauties.

And, according to Gulf Coast Search Rescue president Carlos Redmon, it's also a mini feast.

"Don't eat before you come, please, don't eat before you come.  We got tons of food; jambalaya, gumbo and fried catfish plates," says Redmon.

It's a festival filled with food and fun all in the hope of helping the team save lives.