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Former POW Brings A Message Of Hope

Colonel Ed Hubbard of Ft. Walton Beach Fla., spent six years, seven months and 12 days as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. But, what's really surprising is, he calls that time some of the most important years of his life.

Hubbard says he left that prison a new man with a new attitude. Now he spends his time spreading that message around the world, and Thursday evening he was in Biloxi.

The colonel told the crowd of more than 100, "Human potential is nothing more than a state of mind, and your potential, your state of mind, is controlled by two things, what you think you can do and how hard you are willing to work to do it."

Hubbard also pointed out that when you spend six years as a prisoner of war, you have plenty of time to think.

Although he would only say there were some unspeakable horrors, he did admit that in the first six months of captivity, his weight dropped from 175 pounds, to 97 pounds. But, one day, he decided, no matter how bad it was, it could always be worse.

"It's that ability to take everything that happens and say this is not that bad, you are still alive," Hubbard said.

That's the simple yet effective message he has now brought to more than one million people in 11 countries over the last 18 years. Ed Hubbard is one of the few former pow's who will call that time a positive experience.

"Oh, gosh yes," says the native of the Midwest. " I could have gone to college for the last 36 years and never learned as much as I learned over there for six years."

Colonel Hubbard says the last bad day he ever had was 36 years ago, when he was shot down in that fighter plane over North Vietnam, he insists ever day since then, has been a good one. It's a message he says he will continue to spread as long as he lives.

By Jeff Lawson

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