Moss Point Firefighters Get Larger, Stronger Station

Firefighter Frank Stumbo says the Downtown Moss Point Fire Station is not pleasing to his eye.

"It is looking pretty rundown, but it does the job."

Stumbo says cracked wooden doors, chipped paint, and loose electrical wires are easy to find when you look around the 80-year-old facility.

"It's old. That's all I can say, and the pictures say enough for you."

"We have some structural damage," Moss Point Fire Chief Mike Dale said.

Chief Mike Dale says Katrina's storm surge did more damage to the aging building. Since the hurricane, the chief says his crew has been working out of a FEMA trailer next door.

"We just need a bigger and better facility."

In less than a month, the Dr. Rueben P. Morris Fire Station on Martin Luther King Drive will be the firefighters' new home.

Chief Dale says the half million dollar structure is larger and stronger.

"150 miles an hour, hurricane proof construction. We are going to have extra heavy duty doors, roll down shutters, and we will be able to hunker down in that facility."

Inside, there is a TV and work room, and a state of the art kitchen.

"We have some good cooks on the shifts that will appreciate the facility to prepare their meals."

Besides the physical appearance, this new station is located in a central part of the city, so firefighters can respond to calls quicker.

"We can go either east or west in the city," Captain Mark Conderary said.

Conderary says just looking at the new place makes him smile.

"We work 24 hour shifts, so it's like being at home."

A home that will hopefully make it easier for these men to better protect Moss Point.

Chief Dale says a Community Development Block Grant helped pay for the new station.