Volunteer Group Makes Their Ninth Trip To The Coast

It's a family bond that spans from the west coast to the Gulf coast.

"We're just lucky to meet them. Now we have family in California," says Gloria Kemp of Biloxi.

Thanks to Friends and Family Community Connection, out of San Diego, California, the Kemp Family will soon have their home in Biloxi restored. The volunteer group has rebuilt 46 houses in South Mississippi at no cost to homeowners. They rebuilt Gloria Kemp's home.

"I've been in my home for a year and half now. My grandkids love them, everybody loves them and they've come down quite a few times. Now, it's just like family," says Kemp.

"My kids text message their kids. We know birthdays, we contact and call each other and e-mail each other," says Phil Harris with Friends and Family Community Connection.

But, the Kemps say the impact the group has had on the community reaches far beyond the bond they've created.

"They really have saved a lot of lives, because they're a lot of people who have gone on from the Hurricane with all of the stress. It's just a blessing they are here," says Kemp.

"We're the ones who are blessed.  We're the ones who get to come down and meet the real heros.  We're now coming down and helping our family, families we didn't know before that are now families we will cherish for a lifetime," says Harris.

Both the family and the volunteers credit, Angela Smallmon, for helping them connect.

They say Smallmon, an East Biloxian, has tirelessly helped connect many families with volunteers in the rebuilding effort.