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Gulfport Making It Hard For Precious Metal Thieves

Gulfport is cracking down on people who steal copper, bronze and other precious metals.

The city just passed an ordinance, requiring anyone who wants to sell the metals for recycling, to get a license. The cost is $20 a year.

Companies that deal with the metals can use their business license instead, but must designate certain employees to turn in the materials.

The mayor says metal thefts have really hurt the recovery across South Mississippi.

"Because when people are having their homes, the pipes and wires ripped out of their homes as we're trying to recover, it's not fair. And you come in and there's been $10,000 worth of damage done, when we're struggling to pay for every nickle's worth of recovery as we can, it's just not fair for the citizens to have to deal with this." Mayor Brent Warr said.

The new ordinance does not affect aluminum cans.

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