Residents Say 'No' To New Gulfport Development

Gulfport's Planning Commission will meet Thursday to decide whether or not to give the go-ahead on building a tax credit property. However, some residents didn't wait for the meeting to voice their concerns.

Wednesday afternoon people who live near Depew Road got together ahead of the meeting to better understand what could happen to their community. While they know South Mississippi is in desperate need of more housing, they want city leaders to know their neighborhood is not the best location.

"It seems like ever since I closed on my house, I've kind of realized the plans that they've got for this community and it's kind of scary," says David Bleuler.

Bleuler is concerned that more development in the area could mean more flooding.

"Who wants to be sleeping in their house at night and a torrential downpour comes, and before you know it you've got three foot of water in your house," Bleuler said.

Developers want to build a 225 unit tax credit development in a wooded area on Depew Road. The apartments would be just a few feet from Claudia Depew's home.

She's lived in the home for more than 40 years, and says the apartment community will only add to her traffic nightmare.

"All around us there are different subdivisions and you can just put too much in one area," says Depew.

That's why Michelle Braun organized a community meeting. Braun says she understands the need for housing, but disagrees with the location.

"If they could find an area out where there is not so much density. The problem is the density and the flooding and the infrastructure," says Braun.

She also pointed out areas that would be most effected by the development. Along with potential flooding and crowded streets, residents say development would also overcrowd the schools. Now they are hoping that the planning commission will listen to their concerns and save their neighborhood.

The development on Depew Road is just one of two proposed projects in the area. There is no word on when the planning commission will meet about the second community. On Thursday, residents will be able to voice their concerns about the Franklin Point Project before the planning commission votes on whether or not to issue a building permit.

The meeting starts at 4:30pm at Gulfport City Hall.