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Biloxi Asks Hwy 90 Land Owners To Remove Broken Slabs

Biloxi is taking a more pro-active approach to cleaning up Beach Boulevard.

About three weeks ago, the city began sending out notices to property owners along Highway 90 that they need to remove their broken slabs and other unsightly structures.

The community development director says with the new bridge opening soon, Biloxi wants to make sure the area is attractive to visitors.

"We're trying to clean up Beach Boulevard. And if you go down Beach Boulevard, what do you see? You see pilings sticking out of the ground, steps that are still out of the ground that lead to nowhere, partial retaining walls, partial fences. And those things are actually an impediment to the property owners being able to get in there and mow their grass," Biloxi Community Development Director Jerry Creel said.

Creel says property owners need to realize, when they remove their slabs and pilings, their property will be much easier to maintain. He also says FEMA paying for most of the debris removal up to now has saved individual property owners a lot of money.

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