A Day Of Remembrance For Crime Victims

Tuesday, thousands of people across the nation took part in the first ever National Day of Remembrance.

Here on the coast, survivors of those killed in violent and senseless acts, gathered in front of the Biloxi Lighthouse.

The stories were endless. Dozens of survivors, many of whom had never met, gathered with one thing in common: They all have loved ones who were murdered.

"It's in the news. It's very public right after it happens, everybody's talking about it. And then it fades and your left alone to try and still deal with it and it's out of everyone else's mind," says Valaerie Ladnier.

Her father was Harold "Buckey" Levron Jr. He was killed in his Pine Hills home after walking in on four would-be robbers.

Ladnier is just one of the many survivors who are taking part in the country's first ever National Day of Remembrance paying tribute to lives lost in senseless crimes.

Among the victims: A baby shaken to death by the babysitter, a Gulfport teenager shot by her boyfriend and a property owner killed by one of her tenants. The stories at the ceremony were not meant to re-live the crimes, they were told to prevent more stories like the ones told tonight.

"I'm hoping that maybe somebody who's thinking about taking the wrong path will think about it, get turned around and see not only how much it effects the person that's murdered but their whole family," said Monet Perry.

Leaders with the Forever Changed Support Group organized the Biloxi ceremony.

The group holds several monthly meetings throughout South Mississippi. If you need help coping with the loss of a loved one, you can call the organization at (228) 868-4150.