Market Street Improvment Project Causing A Few Headaches

Market Street is one of the busiest roads in Pascagoula, especially in the area from Krebs Avenue to Ingalls Avenue.

These days, it's slow going for drivers as crews are in week five of a $400,000 paving project. The project is having a big impact on both traffic and business. Market Street is like many busy roadways on the growing Coast, improvements are needed to keep up with traffic demand.

The job includes some major work on the foundation of Market Street. Crews finished the first layer of paving for both south bounds lanes and are now turning their attention to the northbound lanes.

Drivers and business owners say they know there's a price for progress.

Monti Richards owns a sporting goods store on Market Street. Crews finished up some work in front of his store on Wednesday. He says sales are a little slower, especially on days when work crews blocked his store.

"We have had little delay, and it didn't go as smooth as they have hoped, but you can expect that when ever you have major construction project like this," Richards said.

One door down, business at Pro-Health Gym has stayed about the same. The gym's owner Dave Brandenstein says he was surprised to see new asphalt on Market Street so soon.

"This is a little sooner then I thought they were going to start paving," Brandenstein said. "I assumed and heard it would be tying up in April."

Much of Market street is one lane right now because of road work, and drivers say it gets very narrow, especial when emergency vehicles needed to pass. Most drivers say they're avoiding Market until the work is complete.

"I don't want to mess up my tires. It's just so bumpy and so rough so I avoid it," Betty Bolton said.

"Traffic is kind of crazy, everyone is merging in, there are cones you are dodging, its bumpy, but we will have to live with it, just for a little while," Monica Donald said.

City officials say drivers should see and feel a much approved drive along Market street by next week. All of the construction on Market Street is expected to be completed in about three weeks.