Improv Teams Take Center Stage At Competition

"Improvisation is, you have to come up with the ideas on the spot acting. Someone gives you something, and idea, a situation, something that you have to act out, and you have no preparation for it," said Kelly Norris, a drama teacher at Biloxi High.

The spotlight was on four Improv teams at the competition. Although the acts were different, all of the students had to be quick on their feet.

"They're having to do things right on the spot. For example, they're having situations where they have to draw a sentence from a basket and insert that sentence into the situation. They had to come up with their own way of introducing themselves," Norris said.

Norris says some of these students are aspiring comedians, but this kind of work takes a special gift and the ability to just let go.

"It takes very little inhibition about being in front of an audience. It also takes a lot of guts and the ability to really just let loose and have fun and not worry so much about what everyone else is thinking," Norris said.

Students from three area high schools competed for bragging rights and the coveted prize--a rubber chicken. The audience and two judges helped to pick the winning team. Teachers say they saw a lot of potential at this year's stay tuned.

The team from Biloxi High School, Kelly's Kids Round Two, took home the top prize for the second year in a row.