The Humane Society Is Ready For Mother Nature

The Humane Society of South Mississippi re-opened its doors Saturday.

The shelter closed on Friday to prepare for Tropical Depression ten.

After what leaders call a test run, they believe they are prepared for whatever Mother Nature brings their way.

Tara High is the executive director at the Humane Society. She says 'Tropical Depression Number Ten' gave her staff the opportunity to test their evacuation plan.

"We identified who was going to play what role in the plan and then we trained our staff for those roles. So when we got called up Friday to mobilize, it was like a ballet." Everybody went into motion and everybody played their role out beautifully.  We had the pet evacuation shelter open in an hour and a half. It was organized and it was set up beautifully. They were ready," says High.

If the coast is threatened by a hurricane, animals on the adoption floor will be transported to Birmingham, Broward County, Atlanta, or Dallas. All other animals will go to Jackson.

While the false alarm re-assured The Humane Society just how strong its evacuation plan is, leaders want to remind pet owners to have a plan of their own.

"Know where the pet evacuation shelter is. You need to have the supplies and equipment ready to evacuate with you and your pet.  The things that will keep their lives as normal as possible because all this is very very stressful to them," says High.

The Humane Society of South Mississippi houses more than 200 animals year round.