Hundreds Celebrate At Asian Moon Festival

Theo Nguyen has lived in Biloxi for just one month. He's already made friends during his short stay here and was looking to make more at the Asian Moon Festival.

"We've been at the Air Force base for so long, we try to go out and see how it is, and how the people react with the community, and it seems like there's a big crowd here," Nguyen said.

The crowd was alive with excitement as youngsters used their creative skills to make crafts, while others checked out a Chinese dragon dance. Not even a tropical depression could dampen the spirits at this festival.

"It seems like they don't even know a storm is coming. They're just having fun, not even thinking about it," Nguyen said.

The festival was formed after Katrina to strengthen unity among the Asian community.

"We organized this festival last year, initially, to bring the Asian community together. East Biloxi was so devastated by Hurricane Katrina, and it displaced thousands of the residents here on the coast. We thought that it was a good opportunity who were scattered together and give them a little respite," said a representative from Boat People SOS.

As for Theo Nguyen, he's impressed by the resilience he's seen among the Asian community in Biloxi and has found this is a tight knit community that's hard to rattle.

"You would have thought Katrina would have driven most of the Asian community out, but they seemed to get together and celebrate this festival, and it's pretty exciting," Nguyen said.

The festival is sponsored by Boat People SOS.