FEMA Trailer Residents In Gulfport Have Mixed Views On Packing Up For Tropical Activity

When news of a possible tropical storm hit some of the people in FEMA trailers in Gulfport, they had mixed views on what they should do.

"We're going to get out of here.  We're not going to take any chances," says Jeremy Lowther, Gulfport.

"I'm just going to stay right here," says Michael Miller, Gulfport.

Those who were ready to leave say, after Katrina, no storm is worth chancing it. The memory of what Katrina put them through is still fresh.

"I had her daughter on me, her on my back, and I was swimming out of the apartment.  The roof went off, and I'm tucked with her and her daughter in a corner for eight hours.  Don't take chances," says Lowther.

Michael Miller also rode out Katrina. But, Miller says compared to that, tropical activity doesn't quite measure up.

"It's not going to be that bad," says Miller.

Others living here told us they weren't sure what to do. One thing is for sure, in South Mississippi these days, some people take any tropical activity very seriously.

"Don't take no chances. No chances at all," says Lowther.