Jackson County Residents Prepare As Storm Nears

From lawn chairs to garden tools, Pascagoula Resident Chanchal Virk is securing all his valuables. Virk has lived in a FEMA trailer since Katrina destroyed his home.

"Last time the hurricane came, we were thinking maybe nothings going on, and when the storm did come, we didn't have no food, nothing. We did not tie anything down, and it got destroyed," Pascagoula Resident Chanchal Virk said.

Virk says Katrina taught him to be prepared.

"Trailers are vulnerable, and they can go when high winds come up. We are thinking get ready now."

Right now more than 2 thousand Jackson County families still live in the temporary trailers.

Jackson County Emergency Operations Director Butch Loper says no one should try to stay in temporary structures during any size storm.

"Whether it is a large event or small event, prepare for three days. I like to see people prepared for 5 days," Jackson County Emergency Operations Director Butch Loper said.

Loper says people should already have their plans in place, and don't wait to the last minute to evacuate.

"The people in FEMA trailers know they have to go somewhere," Loper said.

"My nerves will not take it, I have be around people and I have to be in a secure area," Pascagoula Mildred Odom said.

86-year-old Mildred Odom is packing up and leaving her tiny trailer. She's headed to stay with relatives to avoid whatever this storm brings.

"I am afraid of storms and lighting, thundering and winds. The biggest thing is being prepared."

That's the message emergency officials hopes everyone heeds.