East Biloxi Building Blitz Means Volunteer Teamwork

Volunteers from seven different groups accepted the challenge to build a new home in just 14 days.

"We tried to get that message out and put out the invitation and were just overwhelmed. You know, I just threw out the idea and here they came," said Brandon Kasteler, who works for the East Biloxi Coordination Center.

The unique looking thousand square foot house, just north of Howard Avenue, will be home for Edward Parker, a senior citizen whose house was damaged beyond repair by Katrina.

The project is a true lesson in inter-agency cooperation. Two years after the hurricane, with volunteers and resources dwindling, joining forces makes perfect sense.

Craig Snow is with Hope Force International.

"It's like a well tuned orchestra that just came together. No practice. And I think it's because everybody kind of put down their banner, in a sense, and don't care who gets the credit. And let's just come together and do it. And it's worked out real well," he said.

The volunteers work together like they've been a team for years. There's no secret to the progress; just a simple "to do" list.

"We just kind of set up a task list each day and turn it in to crews and the people have come out of the woodwork. And it's working," said Kasteler.

While workers shore up the outside, inside crews are equally busy. Volunteers are focused on the construction task at hand, and the speedy schedule.

"We started yesterday, and we're going to dedicate the house October third," said Snow.

That would be just in time for the happy new homeowner's birthday.