Motorcycle Safety Training Urged In Response To Increase In Accidents

David Bertucci of Biloxi says he's been riding motorcycles on and off most of his life, but admits his street skills are a little rusty.

"You're rusty, and you get out on the highway, and there's cars that are not looking for you," says Bertucci. "And they'll sure pull out in front of you."

And as a rider, as well as a Gulfport Firefighter, he's seen the aftermath of too many preventable motorcycle accidents.

"We see a lot of motorcycle accidents," says Bertucci. "It's people just not paying attention to what they're doing"

That's why he's studying in the outdoor classroom of Joe Langerbackers Riders Institute for Defensive Education or R.I.D.E Motor School.

The lessons Langenbacker teaches to motorcycle cops across the country, he applies in his civilian classes as well.

"We ask that you forget what you know for our 16 hour course," says Langenbacker. "Let us teach you our ideologies, and then put everything back together with what you know. And become a well developed, well rounded rider."

Bertucci admits he's learned much about what he didn't know.

"Well, if you follow Joe, you see a whole lot of stuff we need to work on. Just slow speed skills, you know, cars pulling out in front of you . Passing cars. Coming to an intersection with cars around. It's a pretty good course."

And he says your never too experienced to learn lessons that could save your life.

"I feel like I learned a whole lot and need to learn a whole lot more," says Bertucci

R.I.D.E. instructors have trained more than a thousand police motorcycle officers across the nation, and have more than 50 years of combined experience.

For more information about R.I.D.E program, call (228) 697-6686.