Nine Arrested In Moss Point Drug Sting

City, county, and federal law enforcers took to the streets of Moss Point Wednesday morning, kicking down doors and arresting suspected drug dealers and users.

"Girl, I am glad, I am so glad," one Moss Point resident said.

This woman who lives on Elder Street didn't want to give us her name, but says her neighborhood has become a haven for drug activity and other crime. She admits being afraid to walk outside her house at night.

"I am so tired of these people - three, four at night - and you see I am nervous because they might try to do something to me."

Moss Point Police Chief Demetrius Drakeford says he understands citizens' fears.

"We have numerous complaints that come into the office, some narcotics violations, in addition to some of our violent crimes," Drakeford said.

The problems are widespread in Moss Point. That's why the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency worked with police in a year long effort to get suspects behind bars, and drugs off the streets.

"This operation we recovered a thousand grams of crack cocaine, over 200 grams of powder cocaine, a small amount of marijuana, and over $13,000 of U.S. currency that we think was tied in to narcotic related funds," Drakeford said.

Though nine suspects avoided arrest in this sweep, Chief Drakeford says they'll catch up with them eventually.

"It should send a message to the violators on the streets, now is time to get yourselves right. And as for law enforcement, we have to stop talking about it and be about the business."

Chief Drakeford says everyone arrested has been charged with narcotics violations. More than 100 law enforcement officials helped with this sting operation.