Gulfport Leaders Debate Future Of Orange Grove Community Center

The city of Gulfport has some decisions to make when it comes to the fate of the Orange Grove Community Center. A few months ago, an electrical fire destroyed a substantial part of the center.

Tuesday, city leaders presented the council with some options for the building: Restore it, tear it down and build it back, or tear it down and get keep the money.

Some city leaders believe tearing the community center down and rebuilding it may be the best option. However, ward seven councilwoman Barbara Nalley is not so sure.

"There is a lot of concern with me with repairing it versus demolishing it," Nalley said.

The cost to repair or rebuild will be about $1.2 million. That's why council members want to make sure they are a part of the decision making process.

"If this thing goes well, then we are all the better. But if it does not go well and there are decisions made without the knowledge of council, it makes it very problematic," said councilwoman Ella Holmes-Hines.

The next step is for the planning commission to make a final assessment of the building. Once that's done, city leaders will have a workshop to decide what will become of the community center. They hope to have the workshop by the end of next month.