Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church Celebrates 50 Years

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church has deep roots in Biloxi. On Tuesday, the church celebrated its 50th anniversary.

"We've been celebrating for nine days. It's a tradition of the Catholic Church of Pentecost, that the apostles prayed for nine days, so we've had nine celebrations in preparation for tonight, which is the big one," said Father Patrick Moakler, who's adoringly known as Father Paddy at the church.

The church has been housed just north of Pass Road in its current location in Biloxi for 33 years, surviving Camille and Katrina. Parishioners themselves have weathered some storms as the years have gone by, but they rely on their faith and each other.

"It's very deep, and it's very, very nice to be amongst friends, people that we know, a lot of camaraderie here," said parishioner Bob Lawson.

"All our children went to school out here. They're all married now and have their own children. We just keep going along. It's wonderful," said parishioner Shirley Lawson.

And while there are many long time members, the church has been seeing new faces in the crowd.

"We have a lot more Hispanics here since the hurricane. They're here because of the work and rebuilding," Father Paddy said.

As for the direction the church will take in the upcoming years, Father Paddy is relying on Divine Intervention.

"God will take care of the church... I just have to take it one day at a time," he said.