Louisiana Couple Killed In I-10 Accident, Daughter Survives

The two people killed in a three car crash Sunday night on I-10 were from Bush, Louisiana.

According to Coroner Gary Hargrove, Edith Tranchina, 46, and Thomas Tranchina, 48, died at the same time, at separate hospitals, Memorial and Garden Park. Their 21-year-old daughter Ashley, who was driving the vehicle, was treated and released.

Hargrove said the Tranchinas were stopped on I-10 because of construction. That's when the driver of another car rammed into a vehicle behind them at about 70 miles per hour. Those two cars then slammed into the Tranchinas' car, pushing the back of the vehicle into the front seat.

The driver who caused the accident told troopers he fell asleep at the wheel. All three drivers and another passenger were taken to Memorial Hospital with moderate injuries and released.

The accident is still under investigation.