Some Jobs Available for Teens

Tomeka Madison is asking about a summer job at this Biloxi deli for her niece,  a high school senior. Madison says even with higher unemployment, her niece is optimistic she'll find something. "She's a go-getter so she'll go out there and keep tryin' 'til she gets somethin.' She has done some previous restaurant work before, cashiering so she has a little experience."  The restaurant manager says he takes applications from teens almost everyday. 70% of the employees at the deli are high school students. Even in a soft economy and layoffs, the manager says he needs more help. "In the last coupla weeks our business has greatly picked up since January and it hasn't hurt us at all so we wish we had applications turned in every day," says Jason Middleton.

The manager of a Biloxi car wash sees a lot of applications from high school and college students too. "We've always got a major demand for the young workers and they'll be especially lookin' for work here with summer comin,'" says Bob Wall. Wall says most of his employees are students. "I would say high school and college about 85%. Absolutely, we keep 100 to 110 part time people. That's encouraging to the hundreds of teens like Tomeka Madison's niece who will be looking to earn some money this summer. Employers say the jobs are there, if the teens will just look.

Employment officials says restaurants, tourist attractions and some retail businesses are where most teens will find work. Wall recommends teens start now looking for jobs instead of waiting until school gets out.