Overflowing Sewage Fills Moss Point Family With Frustration

Mosquitoes are swarming through puddles of raw sewage in Dwight Biggs' front yard, and that's not all you'll find in the wastewater.

"Sometimes, you can see human waste flowing on top of the ground out here. That's dangerous, very dangerous," Biggs said.

The gallons of sludge are filling Biggs and his sister Melissa Wells with frustration. He says they've called the city of Moss Point nearly every day for weeks, but the city's response has been minimal.

"They've replaced the pump three times. It's putting a big band-aid on the problem. It's like they're not even touching the problem," Biggs said.

For Wells, it's an unsightly and stinky mess.

"You have to go to bed smelling it and wake up smelling it," Wells said.

The smell of raw sewage is bad enough, and it gets worse when the temperature rises. But residents can't seem to get away from the odor, especially when it's inside their homes.

"It's terrible. I have to smell it in my house when I flush the toilet. I can smell it coming up through the face bowl. You can't enjoy yourself because of the smell," Wells said.

A supervisor with the public works department told Mayor Xavier Bishop they fixed the family's sewage leak on Saturday.

"There hasn't been any indication that the public works department has dropped the ball on this. In talking with the supervisor, he says they've gone up there recently," Bishop said.

But with all the stagnant water, Biggs says it's obvious no one has solved their problem.

"I'm pretty sure he can find somebody to work on it. It doesn't take a lot of education to dig a ditch," Biggs said.

Whatever it takes, this family just wants relief from the mess in their front yard.

After we brought the sewage problem to Mayor Bishop's attention, he sent a public works employee out to the property. Bishop says they determined that it's a problem with the grinder pump, and on Monday, the city will do the necessary work to clear up the situation.