Airman Dies In Keesler Accident

Officials are investigating the weekend death of a 21-year-old airman whose motorcycle slammed into a wall at Keesler Air Force Base. He was a member of the base's Communications Squadron. Capt. Morshe Payne, Keesler public affairs officer, said the accident occurred at 2:14 p.m. Sunday at the Communications Squadron Building.  The victim was identified as 21 year old Stephen Jaramillo of Peoria, Arizona.

``He was taken to the base hospital where he later died,'' Payne said. ``It's currently being investigated. At this time I'm not sure exactly what happened. Security forces are looking into that.''

Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove said the airman was wearing a helmet. ``My understanding is that he was in the parking lot ... and pulled a wheel stand on his motorcycle,'' Hargrove said. ``When he came down, he realized he was in trouble and then hit the building head-on.''