Gulfport City Employees Are Getting A Pay Increase

The city council's unanimous vote Friday night promises to put more money in the hands of city employees. Gulfport city employees say they count the council's decision as a victory.

City employees won't see all the money a salary survey recommended they receive, but the city council was able to agree upon a compromise. The council passed a motion that would meet 75% of what the survey recommended.  The salary survey recommended pay increases to make city employees' paychecks comparable to others in the Southeast region.

City employees will see that pay increase without the $7,500 salary cap proposed earlier in the meeting.  At the percentage the council recommended, a battalion chief making a little more than 47-thousand dollars would now see a little more than $52,000 a year.

Those employees who already make more than what the salary survey recommended will not see a pay increase. The council also decided not to pass a cost of living increase for those employees.

Gulfport now joins a list of other cities along the coast boosting pay for city employees. The Biloxi city council agreed to give its city workers an extra $4,593.00.  Just last week, Long Beach employees found out they would receive a 10% pay increase.