Tire Dump Clean Up Nearly Finished

Several hundred tires still litter the industrial property near Highway 49 and 34th Street. It may not look all that good.

But to appreciate the "after" image, you have to envision the "before" picture. A quarter of a million tires covered the property.

"It looks wonderful. Fantastic," said neighboring business owner John Hill. "If they'll just go on and finish it. And I can't thank WLOX enough, because without y'all it would have never happened."

Hill began complaining about the tire dump four years ago. It has been both an eyesore and health hazard with all the mosquitoes that breed there.

The dump is disappearing just as a nearby business is about to get going.

"It's where they're going to start manufacturing modular homes back in these warehouses. And it's working out great to get the mosquitoes away from here, so the men working in those warehouses, the mosquitoes won't get in there," said Hill.

Not only is the mountain of tires nearly gone, but more than a dozen tractor trailers, all parked there and all filled with tires, have also been removed.

"We're not 100 percent satisfied, because there are still tires here," said Gulfport's fire chief.

But Chief Pat Sullivan appreciates the significant progress that's been made in the past few months. With the previous mountain of rubber, there were worries about a catastrophic fire.

"That we weren't going to be able to control it. And it was going to affect the neighborhoods in the area, it was going to affect the businesses in the area, it was going to affect Highway 49. Everybody knew it was a bad situation and we had to get it out of here," he said.

Six months after the court order, it's nearly gone.

"Thanks to WLOX, it's now coming to an end," said a smiling John Hill.

Earl Brown was due back in county court this Monday morning, September 17th. His lawyer says a continuance has been granted until November 20th.

The tire dump should be completely cleared before then.