Sea Oats May Move From Hwy 90 Medians

Some of the Sea Oats planted along Highway 90 medians in Harrison County may have to be moved.

On Monday, Trang Pham-Bui reported on the grass and thick weeds that have taken over medians, where thousands of square yards of Sea Oats were planted.

Tuesday, the landscape architect who actually designed the medians, checked on the condition of the plants. Pete Melby told WLOX News that he's disappointed because in the areas he looked at, about 75 percent of the Sea Oats have died.

"They don't look good. They're not making a nice contribution to the planting that the Mississippi Department of Transportation provided for the coast. And I'm going to make a recommendation to the MDOT people that the surviving Sea Oats that we have in there, we go ahead and transplant them to the beach," Melby said.

Melby believes the Sea Oats would have survived if they had been bigger and planted deeper. He also said better soil preparation and follow-up care would have made a big difference.