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Gulfport School Gets Promoted On A CTA Bus

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well Karen Moore had five words to describe her latest pre-teen photograph. "I think I look ugly," the 11-year-old joked.

There was the fifth grader's picture, displayed on both sides of a CTA bus. Next to her was Katelyn Gottberg.

Gottberg was glad she got her picture on the bus, "But then again," she said, "I was nervous at the same time about getting my picture on the bus, because it goes around Gulfport everyday and everything."

The CTA display advertises the Gaston Point motto, "We are all in this together. God bless the USA."

On Friday, classmates got to walk around the bus and see the CTA gift. A few days from now, drivers on Pass Road in Gulfport will get to check out Karen, Katelyn, Saqoyia and the other two students on the sign.

Karen said being on the bus was kind of exciting. "But it's kind of going to be strange," she admitted. "I've never really been showing my face in public on a bus before. But it's cool."

Gaston Point school leaders thought it was cool that CTA would give up the $100 a month advertising fee, so it could showcase one of its partners in education.

"This is a community effort," CTA director Reid Hopper said. "Sometimes you have to put aside the dollar bill."

And sometimes you have to put aside your ego. Just ask the Gaston Point kids. They may think the picture is ugly. But when it rolls through Gulfport on a CTA bus, the community will know that these children are making a difference.

A company called Signs Now made Gaston Point's rolling billboard for free.

By Brad Kessie

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