Birdie Has New Meaning at Sunkist Golf Course

Golfers at Sunkist often find themselves carrying more than their golfing clubs. Just ask the ladies playing in the Gulf Coast Women's Tournament.

"The last time we were here, we were coming off one of the tee boxes, and we saw this little bird, and he's hopping all around. We thought he was sick, but he hopped on our cart and rode with us," said golfer Portia Sheffield.

She's known simply as "Bird," but she's complex. At times, she's very friendly, but she can also be evasive.

Golf course employees say the bird fell on hard times early in life, but that hasn't seemed to ruffle her feathers.

"When she was just a baby, she fell out of her nest at the number three tee, and ever since then people have been taking care of her, feeding her, giving her water. This is what she does for a past time. She gets all over customers," said Art Landry, a Sunkist employee.

She's taken a special liking to two golfers--Bo Steelman and Norman Duplain. She goes home and watches TV sometimes with Duplain. She thinks she's human, but this is a bird who doesn't play by the rules.

"She does what she wants," Landry said.

And what she apparently wants is to be noticed, and to give every golfer she visits a chance to say, 'I got a birdie today.'