Community Prays For Success In Moss Point Schools

You could call them crusaders. Hand in hand, members of the Moss Point community are praying for students, faculty and staff, with hopes that a higher power will guide their decisions and lives this school year.

"When you pray you get blessings, like with homework and tests. It helps me," sophomore Nicolette Williams said.

Test help is great, but Carla Castorina says prayer can do much more. She graduated from Moss Point in 1970.

"I think the morale of the schools will change when we come together as a community. And I think that with God's blessings, this school can succeed," Castorina said.

"With God leading in your life, you don't need drugs; you don't need to fight; you don't need to be hostile; you have a song in your heart and go about your day," Moss Point alum Lagenda Ruffins said.

Earlier this year, East Central High held a similar prayer rally at their school. Castorina saw first hand how the event affected those students, so she wanted her alma mater to experience it too.

"The students that were there, you could just see the feeling of belonging in their faces," Castorina said.

With bowed heads, these men and women believe faith will help students turn away from violence and drugs.

"We want to see the spirit of God move though this school district, so we're going to 'PUSH' (and) Pray until something happens," Castorina said during the rally.

This group is convinced that with one prayer at a time, they can be catalysts for change in Moss Point schools.

The group's effort will continue throughout the school year. Many people signed up to be prayer warriors for the individual schools in the Moss Point School District.