Another Former Jailer Pleads Guilty To Inmate Abuse

Another former Harrison County jailer has pleaded guilty for his role in abusing inmates at the county jail.

Brodrick Fulton, 26, entered his guilty plea Friday afternoon before Judge Louis Guirola. The former jailer pleaded guilty to one federal felony. He was charged with depriving an inmate of his constitutional rights under "color of law."

Fulton admitted he assaulted an inmate in August of 2005, breaking the inmate's jaw during an altercation in the shower room of the booking area.

Fulton is the ninth former deputy to enter a guilty plea as part of a plea agreement.

He will be sentenced November 5th and faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Fulton waived his right to a grand jury and was charged on a "bill of information" by the federal government.

Federal prosecutor John Richmond said the facts would show that Fulton assaulted an inmate identified as "L.M" on or about August 25, 2005. Richmond said the inmate's jaw was broken in the assault against him.

The federal prosecutor further told the court that the sheriff's professional standards division was aware of the assault, but never interviewed Fulton about the incident.

Former jailer Ryan Teel and jail booking supervisor Rick Gaston went to federal trial last month on charges of abusing inmates.

Gaston was found "not guilty" on all counts.

Ryan Teel was convicted on three of four counts, including a charge which said he was responsible for the death of inmate Jessie Lee Williams Jr.

Williams was killed during an assault by Teel at the county jail.

Ryan Teel faces a possible maximum sentence of life in prison when he's sentenced November 1st.