Neighbors Call Store's Temporary Storage Units An Eyesore

Manny Peixoto has known for a while now that his business of 17 years had once again outgrown its building.

"We've been looking for two years now and we finally found the right place," Peixoto said.

But even the bigger space at the former America's Thrift Store, isn't quite enough space for all of Peixoto's Mardi Gras supplies.

"I really ran out of space and I had no choice," Peixoto said. "Compared with the other place, I had 40 containers. On this one I have only 15."

It's those 15 storage containers that prompted the residents of one of Gulfport's largest residential neighborhoods to complain to City Councilman Brian Carriere.

"I drive it in every morning on the way to work and I have to look at this bright yellow and purple container, a wall of containers I should say, in front of me," Carriere said.

Painting them to match the building's Mardi Gras theme was Manny's idea.

"Yeah, evidently they didn't like when I painted," Peixoto said. "But I was trying to keep it clean."

Carriere says no matter what color they are, the containers violate city building codes. The city has issued repeated warnings. Now Carriere says it's time for the containers to go.

"There is no permit process to allow for these things in the first place, so he couldn't even go through something like that. He's got five business days, which will be the close of business next Wednesday, to get these off site," Carriere said.

Peixoto is considering building extra storage space, but says he has no intention of fighting city hall. And Carriere says the city doesn't want a fight either, just a little less clutter.

"We do welcome them to this side of town, into this neighborhood," says Carriere. "We've seen some improvements on the property itself since they've been here. The problem is right over my left sholder. It's big and bright. It's purple and green and yellow."

The councilman did admit that other businesses in Gulfport are also using temporary storage units. He told WLOX News that the city will deal with them on a case by case basis.