Football Fans Gobble Up Saints Gear For Season Opener

Moises Aguirre asks a familiar question of Academy Sports Apparel Manager Eva Stockstill.

"I wanted to get something Saints, 12 months," says Aguirre. "I see they got Atlanta Braves 12 months, but I didn't see any Saints."

He and little Hayden receive what's become a familiar answer.

"We should have some more coming in," says Stockstill. "We just haven't received them yet."

And Eva says baby clothes aren't the only things black and gold that are selling like New Orleans hot sauce these days.

"We have hammers, a unique item," says Stockstill. "We have our nice little rain gauges, air fresheners, bike tags."

Eva says the increased demand for Saints merchandise began rising with the team's win total last year.

"We couldn't keep jerseys on the racks, period. And we had people fighting over them last year. We had people offering to buy the jerseys that were on our backs as associates."

She says this year, sales began rising before the season even started, and with a new breed of fans.

"People are wanting the children's apparel, the women's apparel and are already coming in for the big jerseys."

Eva is already preparing for what a historic second championship run in a row could bring.

"It's going to be a mad house, just like last year."

She says there was only one type of Saints merchandise they couldn't sell last year that every fan still wants.

"We had already received jerseys for the Superbowl, but we had to send them back because they didn't quite make it. But maybe this year."

And you can bet by then, young Hayden will be properly dressed for the celebration.

"He's going to be a Saints fan like me, and grandpa," says Aguirre.