Some Workers Punch the Clock on Labor Day

Labor Day was formed in 1882 to create a day off for the working man. Fast-forward more than a century later, and it's still a holiday celebrated throughout the nation. But as we found out, not everyone took today off.

"Labor Day morning's usually hopping and they were this morning. Most of the cookouts and etcetera are in the afternoon with their families, so they came out here to play golf real quick," said Martin Reeves, Sunkist Golf Course's Manager and Golf Pro.

While some people were teeing off on the green, others were collecting it at Sunkist Golf Course in Biloxi.

"I'd love to have had the day off, but they scheduled me to work today, so you come in when you're supposed to and do your job," said Jason Kitchens, a Sunkist employee.

Kitchens worked a full shift behind the cash register at the pro shop. It's the first time he's had to work on Labor Day in years, but he still enjoyed the holiday.

" It's fun, you get to see people and watch them have a good time, and it kind of takes the burden off you for working on a holiday," he said.

Reeves said a few employees did have the day off.

"Our staff was a little thin today in that we try to accomodate where we can, but some of us have to work, so we have them in the food and beverage department, and golf cart department and here in the golf shop. Some of us work so others can play," Reeves said.

While playing may sometimes test golfer's patience, there's always benefits for a good day's work.

"You do get a check," Martin said.