RiverFest Makes A Splash In Moss Point

The rhythm of raindrops couldn't stop Moss Point's first RiverFest concert for long, but it did have 7-year-old Corey Crockett singing a different tune.

"Rain, rain, go away, come again another day," Crockett sang.

And after less than an hour, it was show-time.  The concert's smooth blend of blues, jazz, classical and gospel made it the city's largest music festival ever, showcasing four bands and reeling in hundreds of fans.

"Any age can love classical music or jazz. You can just get up and dance to it and have fun," said 10-year-old Raven Steede.

To Stephan Triplett, RiverFest feels just like home.

"Moss Point is one of the few places left in America where it is community and family. So, today is like a big gathering of music and family and fun," Triplett said.

The contagious tunes had people clapping their hands, but it was the picturesque backdrop that brought one couple to their feet.

For many of attendees, RiverFest was a much needed gathering.  One that hopes to display the city's progress, two years after Katrina.

"We lost everything in the storm, but that really doesn't matter, because we still have each other, and that's all that does matter," Triplett said.

Rain or shine, Triplett says this community has plenty to celebrate.

The Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra headlined the concert, and RiverFest also treated visitors to a beautiful fireworks display.