Gulfport City Council Amends Their Objection To Elevated Roadway

The Gulfport City Council is amending and re-affirming it's stand against plans for a elevated roadway through the heart of the city.

The Council is re-opposing the Mississippi Department of Transportations proposal for the so called Canal Road Connector. The connector would impact 162 acres of wetlands.

Phase 2 of that project calls for the building of an elevated limited access road connecting the port to Interstate 10.

Ward 2 Councilwoman Libby Milner Rowland says the road, if constructed, would split the city in half and contribute to urban decay.

Rowland says the council continues to call on Southern District Highway Commissioner Wayne Brown to reconsider the design as well as the location of Phase 2.

"This plan was laid out in 1996, approved by prior administrations, signed on by Mayor Combs, signed on by passed councils, and so therefore that's it," says Rowland. "Well, anything can be changed, and as with the catastrophic loss, we've got plenty of room for change right now, plenty of room for change. And all I'm asking right now is that they come back and reevaluate."

Commissioner Brown sent a letter to city leaders yesterday updating them on the project's progress. Brown says MDOT is still purchasing property downtown. Construction on Phase 1, from I-10 to 30th Avenue, is scheduled to begin in July of 2009.