Some Gulfport FEMA Park Residents Say They Fear For Their Lives

A number of residents living in a FEMA trailer park in Gulfport say they can't sleep at night and they fear for their lives. The park, located next to Gulfport's Milner Stadium, is on school property. If you take a close up look at some of the trailers, you'll notice bullet holes.

People living in the park say the area is a haven for criminal activity. They're so worried for their safety, they didn't want to be identified.

"I can't sleep at night because I worry about other bullets and everything because of the drugs that is constantly going in and out," one man said. "The cops have been doing their part. FEMA has not been doing their part in kicking people out."

FEMA spokesman Eugene Brezany said that's not true. He told WLOX News all residents sign a lease, and if they break the rules, ranging from loud music to illegal activity, they will be thrown out.

Meanwhile, a young woman told us she, too, almost became a shooting victim herself.

"Like when I was pregnant, I liked to be shot in my neck. But instead of me, my cousin was shot in the arm," she said.

She also said a number of elderly women living in the park have been beaten and robbed.

"Someone like to hurt her real bad, they hit her in the head with a gun and stuff and tried to take her money. And this other lady, she got robbed too."

The young man who has been living here for just a few months fears for his life.

"Yeah, because I already had a shooting right behind my trailer," he said. "It's getting out of control and security is there only 7 till 7, not 24 hours. And I feel that we're on school property and we should have security 24-7."

Gulfport School Superintendent Glenn East told us all of the trailers at Milner Stadium must be gone by December. FEMA and HUD are working to get those people into alternative housing.