Mississippi Developers Tour Louisiana House Factory

It's amazing how fast workers can have a house framed, wired, roofed and out the door.

"It's a 10 day process for that first house from the time we start it," said Louisiana System Built Homes President Aubrey Shoemake. "In the process of starting that first house, we've got other houses coming behind."

Although the job gets done quickly, officials at Louisiana System Built Homes say there's no skimping here.

Shoemake said, "We use granite counter tops. All wood cabinets. Crown molding. We want people to have a nice quality house. That's what we're about."

This assembly line approach called "system building" creates a house that is 80 percent complete when it leaves the factory. The president says his factory built homes are not at all inferior to site built houses.

"We build all of our outside walls," said Shoemake. "The roof and ceiling are made out of SIP panels. They're structurally insulated panels. I really believe this is the way of the future of building houses. These houses are stronger than any stick built house on a slab. We're building right now to withstand 140 to 150 mile an hour winds."

LASBH says it can build houses that are large, small, multi-story or just about whatever design given. Whatever the company builds, the president says it will be quality and affordable because those are the principals his company was founded on in 2006.

Shoemake said, "It kills me to see a family living in a 24 foot FEMA trailer, and this is the fastest way we can produce a house. We can put one house a day out of this plant. Where every ten days a builder can put a family into a brand new house."

Louisiana System Built Homes only sells to housing developers and at a price of around $100 a square foot. Officials say Thursday's tour was part of an effort to generate interest in Mississippi. Although they said high land prices in both states have hurt building.

LASBH is also experimenting with a solar house that company officials say could virtually eliminate homeowners' electric bills.